Casa Cuba Flor Fina Pre Release 2013

Cigar: Casa Cuba Flor Fina Pre Release 2013
Brand: Arturo Fuente
Size: Doble Cinco
MSRP: $12.50
Wrapper: Equadorian


Filler: Dominican

Ryan’s Rating: 78 out of 100

2013-11-10 20.02.20

When I first saw this cigar, the two bands, and that it was a pre release from Arturo Fuente, I was excited to say the least. Arturo Fuente is known for making some of the finest cigars in the industry so my expectations were high. I have always been a fan of any of their sun grown cigars, Anejos, and limited releases.

I placed one of these cigars in humidor for aging, and this one was pulled out of the cello as I sat down with a glass of water ready to jump right into it! As I pulled the cigar from the cello and up to my nose, I could smell sweet tobacco  and what I would call citrus, or maybe orange peel. The wrapper is smooth to the touch, a nice chocolate brown color and the over all construction is what you would expect from Fuente. The two bands have a somewhat simple but classic look to them.

Let’s get this review underway! I went for my trusty v-cut and had no problem cutting the box pressed cap. The pre draw was much like the way the cigar smelled, with a little bit of a muskiness mixed in. I lit the cigar and took my first draw. I immediately tasted a somewhat interesting, not necessarily good flavor, almost a citrus but a bit off. There is a bit of cedar flavor as I exhale, and I hope that the cedar will overtake that very awkward first flavor away. This cigar is definitely a mild to medium bodied cigar.  As I get into the second third of the cigar my ash is flakey but my burn is straight, construction wise, it is holding up quite well. That first flavor is still lingering but the cedar has picked up along with a bit of pepper, not much for the most part the cigar still has that underlying flavor. Even as I push into the final third, hints of cedar and a musty soil, or earth taste are there, but with that intitial flavor still lingering.

My conclusion on this cigar, I had high expectations, which I try to never have, and in my opinon the cigar might do well with some good aging, but for now I will leave the other cigar in my humidor to hopefully evolve and lose the initial flavor that left a lasting impression on this cigar for my review.

cigar summary: If you have to have a Fuente limited release, go grab one, as far as my opinion goes, if you are one of those people that can’t age a cigar, like to smoke them right away, I think you will be disappointed, I was, but I hope you will experience something far better then I did.

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